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Career Design School

Motivated employees contribute to a company’s long-term success.

Our nationally recognized Career Design Schools helps students chart their own career path, establish career goals and become trained in high growth sectors that will lead to long term economic well-being. Our Career Design Schools are structured to teach students of diverse abilities the technical skills required to perform the tasks of a specific job.

Student gain real-world experience in their field of training through community-based internships, ensuring that they arrive at work prepared to succeed.

Graduates from our Career Design Schools learn how continuous improvement on the job enables them to climb the career ladder of advancement in their chosen field.

Evaluation, training, and individualized support ensure that every student succeeds.

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Phone: 212-727-4319    |    Email: careerdesignschool@fedcap.org

Licensed by the State of New York.


Every student deserves to thrive in their educational environment. Students with special educational needs are no exception.

The Fedcap School is an accredited private school in West Orange, New Jersey, dedicated to helping students ages 13-21 classified with cognitive, multiple, or behavioral disabilities succeed and thrive into adulthood.

Through individualized and group instruction, our students flourish through our comprehensive academic curriculum and behavior modification program.

We provide equal access to educational opportunities that enhance a student’s decision-making, problem- solving and social skills, improving their quality of life—both in school and after graduation.

“The Fedcap School is the premiere behavior modification program in Essex County."

Middle school principal

What We Do Works!

100% of our students graduate with a New Jersey High School Diploma. 20% of graduating students go directly to employment. Each year, a growing number of students go on to college or vocational training.

Our certified staff are skilled professionals who provide a nurturing, caring environment that supports students’ educational, social and emotional growth. All staff are certified in CPR, Professional Crisis Management and Handle with Care Crisis Behavior Management.

Our therapeutic environment helps students develop greater self-awareness in a safe space.

Our students are supported by the Wrap Around Model that ensures everyone – student, family, caregivers and staff – works as a team to support and reinforce positive development in all areas of the student’s life.


David Cardoza completed a High Impact Internship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark. After graduation the hospital offered David a full-time job, which he accepted.
Lisa Gray, a Class Valedictorian, went on to study radiology at Concordia College in Bronxville, New York on a full, four-year scholarship.​
Frank Coleman interned at the Fedcap School library. Conscientious and polite, Frank was hired as a full-time employee by Shoprite in East Orange.​
Lizette Rivera made great strides as an English Language Learner at the Fedcap School. After graduation, Lizette was hired full-time by the child care company where she worked as an intern. ​

Fedcap school staff

We use an innovative Eight-Point Approach to Behavior Modification that includes:

  • Full Academic Engagement:

Our core academic curriculum includes English, science, mathematics, social studies, world language, and physical education. Students’ Individual Education Plans (IEP) are implemented and aligned through the NJ Student Learning Standards. We use web-based programs such as i-Ready® from Curriculum Associates, a single K–12 adaptive, diagnostic web-based learning tool for reading and mathematics, and PLATO Learning© from Edmentum™.

  • Electives:

Our diverse electives expose students to vocations that often lead to careers. Electives engage students, reflect their interests and are based on their IEPs. Subjects include art, music, engineering and recording, building trades, Black Seal low- pressure boiler operations and culinary arts.

  • High-Impact Internships:

Our internships provide students with positive role models, marketable works skills and letters of reference, and allow them to explore career interests and build professional networks. Students gain tangible and valuable experience working over 30 hours per week in a professional setting, while earning a stipend. Internship partners have included Walgreens, CVS, Shoprite, Newark Lumber, Mountainside Hospital, as well as restaurants, day care centers and automotive shops.

  • Credit Recovery Program:

Our students can track their graduation requirements and timeframe through an accelerated learning tool.

  • Transition Program:

Our students have the benefit of Fedcap’s signature GetReady!™ and PrepNOW™ interactive, web-based curricula, which provide work-readiness training and preparation for continuing education and employment. Our Transition Program also includes money management, banking, travel training, exposure to community resources, and information about securing housing and government benefits.

  • Leadership Development Program:

We are committed to developing leaders. Our Leadership Program sharpens communication skills and helps our students become leaders, think critically and work effectively within teams to reach pre-determined goals.

  • Sports Program:

Our students participate in sports including basketball, softball, and track and field. The program helps students learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-discipline. The Fedcap School is a proud participant in the Essex County Special Olympics.

  • Positive Behavior Support Program:

Our students develop a greater awareness of self and others as they learn to understand their triggers, take a time-out to regroup, learn how to respond differently to stress and acquire new, positive behaviors.


Students can be recommended for placement at Fedcap School by out-of-district child study team members, case managers, CMO’s, outside government agencies and support service providers. Our admissions team receives applications from Essex, Union and Bergen County school districts.

Our collaborative intake process includes the district Child Study Team member as well as any community support services in place to ensure that the Fedcap School is the right place for the student to grow and thrive.

The Fedcap School serves 96 students in eight classrooms (each with a dually certified teacher and classroom aide) for 180 days during the regular school year session and 35 days in the extended school year sessions. Hours of operation are 8:30am to 3:00pm and 9:00am to 2:00pm, respectively.


Phone: 973.677.0700 Fax: 973.677.1700

Website : http://www.fedcap.org/fedcap-school/
Email : Rebecca Borg, Principal, rborg@fedcap.org

For intake and admission, please contact Samuel Trusty strusty@fedcap.org or Patrick Deblasio pdeblasio@fedcap.org.


Youth and Young Adult Services

Fedcap Rehabilitation offers a comprehensive array of interventions to help youth and young adults successfully transition to adulthood.  We assist young people to graduate from high school, enter college or technical training schools and graduate.

  • PrepNOW!™

PrepNOW!™ is Fedcap’s web-based curriculum and interactive learning tool enhances the capacity and motivation of caregivers to prepare youth in their care to enter college and graduate. Studies show that 70% of young people in foster care say that they want to go to college, but only 10% get into college. By helping foster caregivers create a College-going Culture, we are giving young people an opportunity to greatly improve their ability to succeed.

PrepNOW!™ is the only formal curriculum in the country specifically designed to help foster parents prepare youth in their care to get into college and graduate. We see that the building of college pathways is a natural extension of caregivers’ responsibilities for safety, permanency and well-being. Foster parents are deeply committed to youth in their care but often lack the requisite skills and knowledge to create a college-going culture within the home, or to navigate college entry and financial aid processes.

PrepNOW! helps foster parents by working through course content in the following areas: Values; Motivation; Skills and Knowledge and That All Important First Year. The modules are presented in small groups and in individual settings. It also includes videos representing the voice of youth in care, interactive sessions that help foster parents assess their values about higher education, exercises and links to an array of helpful tools.

Through PrepNOW!™ foster parents gain the confidence and knowledge to mentor the children in their care on how to gain admission and succeed in college.

For detailed information on PrepNOW!™  contact Don Harreld at Harreld@fedcap.org.

  • Get Ready!™

The Fedcap Group’s proprietary we-based platform — Get Ready!TM —assists individuals in becoming successful in the work environment. Designed for individuals just entering the workforce, GetReady!TM focuses on building skills that will enable the individual to work effectively in many varied workplaces. Get Ready!TM also provides education and self-esteem experiences to prepare the individual for the range of challenges that working with others brings.

The Seven Modules of Get Ready!™

  • Learning About Yourself
  • National Work Readiness Credential
  • You Have the Solution
  • Personal Branding and Self-Presentation
  • Resilience
  • Post-Secondary Pathways
  • Building Networks of Support

Using a combination of testing, written materials, video presentations, role playing and employer presentations, Get Ready!™ prepares workers to identify their own resources to solve issues and work with teams. The result is an employer can rely on!

  • Connect2Careers & High Impact Internships

The Fedcap Group partners with businesses, governments, schools and non-profit agencies to develop High Impact Internships so individuals can advance along their career paths. Securing an internship can be difficult for young people between the ages of 17 and 22. When that young person comes from a disadvantaged home or is transitioning out of foster care, the challenge can seem impossible. The Fedcap Group makes it possible to find an internship.

Quality internships provide young people with the opportunity to make connections, develop skills and explore career options. Through a ten week internship, a young man or woman will learn the basics of how to work. They will come to appreciate that it will make a difference—for themselves and for the organization–if they show up on time, arrive prepared, work cooperatively with other employees and invest in learning about where they work.

A young person participating in a High Impact Internship will have the backing of our education and workforce-development professionals to mentor them. The sponsoring organization will enjoy having an eager worker, a dedicated staff-support for that intern and the satisfaction that it is preparing a qualified workforce for the future.

  • Special Education Schools

Fedcap School

The Fedcap School is an accredited private school in West Orange, New Jersey, dedicated to helping students ages 13-21 classified with cognitive, multiple, or behavioral disabilities succeed and thrive into adulthood.

Our certified staff are skilled professionals who provide a nurturing, stimulating environment that advances students’ educational, social and emotional growth.

Our therapeutic environment helps students develop greater self-awareness of their assets and encourages students to set goals and work to achieve them. Our students are engaged in their own educational and behavioral planning within a team where every person has voice – student, family, caregivers and staff.

Our programming includes:

  • Full Educational Engagement
  • Effective Transition Strategies
  • High Impact Internships
  • Credit Recovery Program
  • Electives
  • Leadership Development
  • Positive Behavior Development Program