• Total Facilities Management
  • Digital Imaging and Document Management
  • Manufacturing and Packaging Services
  • Printing and Mailing Services


Total Facilities Management

Managing your entire facility can require big investments in personnel and materials. Using Fedcap Rehabilitation’s Total Facilities Management services is the one decision that will make your facility management stress free.

For over 30 years, federal, state and commercial customers have relied upon our quality custodial and facilities management. With over 22 million square feet of space under contract, our Total Facilities Management service delivers results while employing veterans and persons with disabilities.

Knowing that increasing pressure to be environmentally sensitive influences your organization’s decisions, we offer a proven way to comply with today’s standards. Total Facilities Management is committed to environmental sustainability using products certified by the nationally recognized not-for-profit Green Seal™ environmental organization. Green Seal™ conducts product evaluations using a life-cycle approach to ensure that all significant environmental impacts of a product are considered, from raw materials extraction, through manufacturing, to use and disposal.

Total Facility Management provides customers a workforce of individuals with barriers, often through set aside programs that can benefit your organization. It also provides on-the-job continued support to its employees by having job counselors and job coaches available to assure employers maintain clean and functioning work spaces while assisting those with disabilities to succeed on the job. Total Facility Management workers help your organization to demonstrate diversity in your workplace.

Total Facility Management will help you operate efficiently through:

Custodial Services


Pest Management


Mechanical Maintenance

Security Services

Food Services

Metal Refinishing

Green Cleaning

For further information contact Steve Coons SCoons@fedcap.org.


Digital Imaging and Document Management

It’s All About Access to Information

Information is only helpful if it is accessible. Pouring through boxes of files does not work for any company.

Fedcap’s Print Imaging and Document Management business incorporates the latest document imaging and data capture services. Organizations need a reliable system to capture, preserve and retrieve files.

We partner with our clients for document management either at our own production facility or at customer sites.

“Fedcap managers are highly professional, responsive and extremely dedicated to this project. They understand the importance of our data. The individuals performing the work are thoroughly trained and are also cognizant of our mission and the high standards required."

Thomas Behanna
Deputy Director for Administration
New York State Department of Health

You decide the best option for your business

Whether you opt to have us scan your records for your own storage system or engage us to handle your information from scanning to off-site storage, you will find a solution that meets your requirements.

We operate an active Data Entry and Document Management Center with twenty-eight workstations.

This network is supported by dedicated servers and an extensive infrastructure, which runs several custom developed data capture applications. Customer data is securely stored and readily available.

To find out how our Print Imaging and Document Management Services can capture and maintain your vital data, contact Kevin Pugh, Document Management Manager, at kpugh@fedcap.org


Manufacturing & Packaging Services


Fedcap Rehabilitation manufactures electronic products at our facility. With more than 60 years of experience in electronics assembly and manufacturing, we will be your ideal contractor for manufacturing needs. From start to finish, Fedcap Rehabilitation will assemble and manufacture a wide variety of projects for government and businesses. Employing a workforce comprised of people with disabilities and other barriers to long term self-sufficiency, we offer you the advantage of quality results on a managed budget.

We currently produce life-saving equipment for the United States Military including:

Personal Distress Light Marker

These pocket-sized, all-purpose markers are carried by military personnel to alert others if they are shot down or separated from their units. Our Production Design Division has produced these since 1974, and currently assembles roughly 45,000 per year.​

"Man overboard" distress light marker

Part of the U.S. government’s Safety of Life At Sea program (SOLAS), these floating electric water lights flash for at least 36 hours to help in the event of a sea rescue. Our Production Design Division has produced these since 1996 and currently assembles roughly 5,000 per year.​


Fedcap Rehabilitation will assemble, finish and package your component parts at our location. Your organization will save time and resources while being assured that the job will be completed within your expectations.
At our centrally located facility in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, our experienced workforce performs hand assembly operations and a wide variety of packaging solutions for various products.

  • Assembling of component parts
  • Collating, inserting and mailing
  • Gluing, folding and stapling
  • Inspection and salvaging
  • Labeling
  • Polybag sealing
  • Stringing and knotting
  • Unit-packaging and boxing
  • Custom Hand Assembly

See how easy it is to entrust your manufacturing and assembly project to a proven team that delivers consistent, quality results. Contact Steve Coons scoons@fedcap.org.

Through the Fedcap Group, our Manufacturing and Packing business provides hundreds of people with barriers to economic well-being the opportunity to work, grow and improve their lives while delivering superior service to you.


Printing and Mailing Services

Fedcap offers a full range of services on state-of-the-art equipment, specializing in medium to large-run, on-demand business cards, flyers, pamphlets, catalogs and mail fulfillment.

Fedcap’s attentive, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff is a part of your team and is available throughout the printing/finishing/mailing process to see that your project is delivered to spec, on budget, and on time.

For more information about Fedcap Printing and Mailing Services, to get quotes on your next project, or to place orders for business cards, email Arielle White at arwhite@fedcap.org printshop@fedcap.org or by phone at 917-477-4447.