Total Facilities Management

Managing your entire facility can require big investments in personnel and materials. Using Fedcap Rehabilitation’s Total Facilities Management services is the one decision that will make your facility management stress free.

For over 30 years, federal, state and commercial customers have relied upon our quality custodial and facilities management. With over 22 million square feet of space under contract, our Total Facilities Management service delivers results while employing veterans and persons with disabilities.

Knowing that increasing pressure to be environmentally sensitive influences your organization’s decisions, we offer a proven way to comply with today’s standards. Total Facilities Management is committed to environmental sustainability using products certified by the nationally recognized not-for-profit Green Seal™ environmental organization. Green Seal™ conducts product evaluations using a life-cycle approach to ensure that all significant environmental impacts of a product are considered, from raw materials extraction, through manufacturing, to use and disposal.

Fedcap Rehabilitation specializes in the ability to assess a customer’s needs and quickly and efficiently develop a detailed business, recruitment, staffing, and training. Every day Fedcap Rehabilitation demonstrates the ability to nationally coordinate, locally distribute, and institutionally structure an accessible system of employment, supports, and services while delivering multifaceted solutions for our customers.

Total Facility Management provides customers a workforce of individuals with barriers, often through set aside programs that can benefit your organization. It also provides on-the-job continued support to its employees by having job counselors and job coaches available to assure employers maintain clean and functioning work spaces while assisting those with disabilities to succeed on the job. Total Facility Management workers help your organization to demonstrate diversity in your workplace.

Your strategic partner in creating best-in-class results

We place your needs at the heart of our work,  leveraging our 40+ years of experience to deliver optimal results—at every stage of the process.

Total Facility Management will help you operate efficiently through:

Custodial Services


Pest Management


Mechanical Maintenance

Security Services

Food Services

Metal Refinishing

Green Cleaning

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