What Are High School Transition Services?

Transition services are a set of activities that helps students move from high school to post-school activities; including for example, college, vocational training, and employment. Transition plans for students in special education, are documented in the student’s Individual Economic Plan beginning at age 14, or younger, if appropriate.

Transition helps a student complete courses required to graduate. They can also helps students learn skills that will help them once they graduate.

Transition services are critical because, at 18 years old, unless the student’s parent has secured guardianship, students with disabilities have the right to make their own educational decisions.  It is incumbent on the adults on the IEP team – the parents, educators, and other professionals – to ensure that students with disabilities are prepared for this important role. Our transition approach is driven by what students desire and is reflective of their race and culture.

What Else Can ENABLE Offer During the Transition Period?

In order to properly prepare students for success in the work environment, ENABLE’s team of professionals can provide the following services: