We are proud to introduce you to the women and men across The Fedcap Group who were nominated by their executive directors for going “over and above” since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These individuals have shown true leadership. Staying calm under pressure and never losing sight of the mission, they have embraced innovation and creative thinking. Working long and irregular hours, their resilience and can-do attitude have ensured that those in need continue to receive the services they rely on during this unprecedented crisis.

Jon Cray
Fedcap Contract Project Manager for Fedcap Rehabilitation

Jon Cray ensures that his Total Facilities Management work crews are equipped with PPE at all times. Every day, his crew members perform proactive, extra cleaning services to thoroughly disinfect all touchpoints and entire working areas.

If a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case is reported, teams put on Tyvek suits and perform “hotspot” deep cleaning.

Jon is a 35-year veteran of janitorial services, related trades and management. His crews know he has their backs and would never ask them to do anything he wouldn’t do himself—a true leader.

Wil Edwards
Director of the Food Arts Center

Wil Edwards had to completely redesign the center’s successful business model when the pandemic hit.

The model, built on catering and corporate events, is focused on providing transitional employment, serving the community and generating revenue.

To build upon the existing FAC model, Wil has reached out to private and public partners, and now works with The Migrant Kitchen, World Central Kitchen, Feed the People and others to provide daily meals to NYC seniors, hospitals, homeless shelters, churches, mosques, and first responders.

During the lockdown, the Food Arts Center and partners have provided over 120,000 meals.

Gloria Henry
Security Training Director and Instructor, Fedcap Rehabilitation

Gloria Henry has played a critical role during the pandemic. She is visiting sites throughout New York City and parts of New Jersey, where staff of The Fedcap Group are working, to ensure that security staff at those buildings are taking the proper steps to keep people safe.

Gloria meets with security staff at these sites to discuss social distancing procedures and security measures. 

“Most security staff are doing an excellent job,” she said. Always looking ahead, Gloria is planning to use everything she is learning about safety during emergencies in her training when classes resume. She is inspired by the great work of The Fedcap Group staff and security personnel throughout the region.

Luanne Macri
Director of The Fedcap School

Luanne Macri has shown tremendous leadership during this pandemic. Her staff is working with school districts to ensure that all students’ academic and social needs are met—and that they stay fully connected with staff as the school moves its curriculum and services online.

Teachers are conducting weekly IEP meetings with students and families and social workers are making frequent wellness check and helping guide students. Job coaches are working with the school’s 13 graduating seniors to complete their transition plans and help them get approval for an extended school year if necessary.

For students without laptops or internet access, the school is delivering work packets directly to their homes and picking them up when completed. The school is also making weekly food deliveries to the homes of all 57 students covering eight cities in five counties.

George Rios
Area Manager for Total Facilities Management of Fedcap Rehabilitation

George Rios works closely with GSA and other partners to ensure office buildings that house key government agencies are sanitized and safe.

The safety of his 130+ crew members in the six buildings he manages is of paramount importance. Working with long-time vendors like Ocean Janitorial, George makes sure crews always have appropriate PPE.

George is always on call to respond to any emergency cleaning and works closely with partners to provide flexibility in scheduling crew members as conditions change—such as the closing of the NYC subway system during late-night hours.

They represent Fedcap Rehabilitation at its best. 
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