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Fedcap Rehabilitation Teams Help GSA Sites Stay Safe

Fedcap Rehabilitation, one of the nation’s leading nonprofit agencies for janitorial, mechanical maintenance, and other services, has been providing the General Services Administration (GSA) with facilities management and custodial services since 1977. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, 2020, Fedcap crews began working 24/7 at GSA Federal Buildings in Newark and Paterson, NJ, to protect tenants and the public from the virus.

Whenever a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case is reported in any of the buildings, teams don Tyvek suits and perform “hot” deep cleaning with CDC-approved coronavirus-killing disinfectants, following the virus’ path from building entry to exit. Crew members perform augmented cleaning services at GSA properties multiple times each day, ensuring that all touchpoints are disinfected, including elevators, doors, restrooms, and fire escape handrails, as well as thoroughly disinfecting entire work areas.

Fedcap workers handle a variety of cleaning services for our GSA customers, including carpet sanitizing, shampooing and vacuuming, daily bathroom cleanings, and restocking of paper products. All Fedcap staff members are properly trained and outted for handling our daily contract obligations at all of our GSA facilities, including employee uniforms, PPE, cleaning supplies and equipment, and more.

“I am extremely grateful and proud of the incredible work, collaboration, teaming history, and corporate partnership Fedcap and GSA has in place, especially given the many challenges we continue to face during the COVID-19 pandemic,”said Steve Coons, President of Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc. “Because of GSA’s committed leadership, strong communication efforts, and mission focus, Fedcap is able to support GSA in all areas related to COVID disinfecting responses, and other tenant support services that are critical in keeping the GSA managed facilities operationally ready, clean, safe, and open for business at all times.” 

Fedcap also handles snow removal operations at the four GSA sites in New Jersey locations. This work includes ensuring that GSA building steps, sidewalks, garage ramps, security barricades, open plazas, outdoor parking lots and access streets remain clear of ice & snow. The Fedcap team is equipped with ice melt materials,ice melt spreading equipment, snow shovels, motorized power brooms, snow plowing tractors, snow plow trucks equipped with ice melt spreaders, and even small size front-end loaders for snow removal operations.

When some of the biggest snowstorms in years hit the region, Fedcap crews were always ready to jump into action—no matter the time of day or amount of snow.“There have been times when the crew has worked 12-16 hours straight to ensure that safe conditions are in place for the public,GSA employees, GSA customers and anyone else coming and going from GSA facilities,”said Jon Cray, Contract Project Manager, Fedcap Building Services. 

In addition to four sites in New Jersey— three in Newark and one in Paterson— Fedcap serves nine GSA sites in Manhattan and three sites in Brooklyn, totaling over 7.6 million square feet.

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