Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services

The Fedcap Group's Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is driven by a desire to assist returning service members, veterans, and military families. As a hub for innovation, we provide and promote thought leadership through our growing network of strategic partners who serve these populations. We harness the power of existing community-based programs, helping them to include veterans and their families and increase their program’s impact. 

Ours is a recognized voice and visible network for military and veterans services. Dixon Center has reached more than 750 communities and over one million veterans and military families across all 50 states since our genesis in 2010. In partnership with our network, we bring together people, resources, and trusted expertise to transform lives. Through our partners, we have connected veterans and their families to continuing education to increase access to fulfilling careers, resources for overall health and wellness, and stable, clean, comfortable housing. 

Dixon Center, along with our parent organization, The Fedcap Group, will continue to seek opportunities though our partnerships and network to best serve our nation’s service members, veterans, and their families so they may succeed in the communities where they live.