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The Chelton Loft

A Place for Us

Men and women coping with serious mental illness want a place where they can go, receive help and training, and develop a sense of community. They have such a place at Chelton Loft.

We are located in Harlem, open to adults who , have a history history of serious mental illness, with or without chemical dependency, and those with a history of homelessness can come to The Chelton Loft six days a week. 

Members and staff work together to create an environment that supports people’s growth and

To become a member an individual must have been diagnosed with a mental illness, be 18 years or older, and live in New York City. The Chelton Loft charges no fee to join. Individuals who have been homeless are eligible for priority admission. 

Members have the option of participating in The Chelton Loft’s two main units:

  • The Café Unit

Members learn how to plan meals, shop, cook and clean. They also discover how to care for plants, and organize and coordinate evening, weekend, holiday and special events.

  • The Administrative Unit

Members learn how to perform clerical duties while assisting the Loft with member services, advocacy, outreach and recruitment, intake, orientation and employment services.

In addition the staff at The Chelton Loft provides a range of services to assist members to achieve a measure of independence. The Loft sponsors entertainment activities on an on-going basis.

  • Case management staff assists members with locating housing and community services.
  • Our Transitional Employment Program enables members to work in part-time jobs throughout the city for six month periods of time. Some positions have turned into permanent jobs.
  • General entertainment activities include hosting parties, outings, guest speakers, theater, music and visual art events.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Chelton Loft or know someone who might qualify as a member, please call us at 212.727.4360. Click here to download the Chelton Loft Member Handbook and here to download the Chelton Loft application packet.


Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Building on its longtime leadership in vocational rehabilitation, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services provides a full range of workforce development services for individuals with disabilities from career assessment through work readiness training leading to job placement and post-employment support.

The Career Exploration and Community Based Workplace Assessment provides participants with an experience to identify realistic vocational goals. These services include: gathering an accurate, detailed description of the consumer’s educational and work history, interest/academic/aptitude evaluations, assessing workplace behaviors, detailed vocational exploration, and engaging significant people in their lives such as spouses, friends, siblings, parents, counselors or teachers.

Work Readiness assists individuals to increase their soft skills necessary to maintain employment such as appearance, time management, business etiquette, communication with co-workers and supervisors, dealing with constructive criticism and conflict resolution. Self-Advocacy for Employment enables a person to learn to advocate for their rights at the workplace through understanding the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and methods of self-advocacy for reasonable accommodations on the job.

Job Placement is an individualized customized process to match career goals to employment. This includes job seeking assistance such as resume preparation, job interview skill development, and engaging in job search leading to competitive employment in the community.

Individuals who need sector-based training in specific fields, can access our Career Design School including training in Culinary Arts, Custodial Services, Security, Microsoft Office Suite, Network Support Specialist, Customer Service, Home Health Aide, and OSHA Certification.

For further information, please contact: Esther White, Director of Vocational Rehabilitation at 646-902-3594 or ewhite@fedcap.org


Fedcap Behavioral Health Services

Outpatient Services to Improve Mental Health

Fedcap Behavioral Health Services is committed to improving the lives of individuals struggling with mental illness.

Each day, individuals with mental illness work through feelings of anxiety, guilt, shame, often fractured family relationships, and uncomfortable social interactions. They are challenged to obtain and maintain employment. And every day they must face the stigma and judgment that comes from a society that does not fully understand mental illness.

Fedcap Behavioral Health provides outpatient psychotherapy, group and individual counseling, and medication management to assist those we serve in reclaiming their lives. And, once stabilized, we assist our clients in obtaining work readiness and career training, job placement and post placement supports. What we do is making a difference.

Our licensed and certified clinicians understand the importance of comprehensive and engaging assessments, effective and doable treatment plans and ongoing support in meeting clinical goals. They are skilled in identifying strengths and leveraging the many assets of those we serve. Many of our staff are bilingual.


Fedcap Behavioral Health Services is located at 1011 Washington Avenue, Bronx. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Services are on a sliding fee scale and we accept private pay, Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care, Medicare and commercial insurance.

For more information, please contact Lucia Beato – lbeato@fedcap.org or (718) 585-4205 or Daline Ferreira – dferreira@fedcap.org or (718) 764-5139.