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Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services teams with Fedcap

Effective May 1, 2017 Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (Fedcap) and Dixon Center for Military Veterans Services, two organizations dedicated to service and community impact, will join forces.

Fedcap, a national nonprofit founded in 1935 by three World War I veterans, develops innovative solutions for people with barriers to economic well-being resulting in relevant, and sustainable impact in the lives of those served and the communities in which they live. Dixon Center, founded in 2012, provides leadership, tested solutions, research, and training dedicated to helping organizations and communities improve the quality of life of veterans and military families.

“Both Fedcap and Dixon Center are committed to ensuring that veterans and their families have the supports and services they need within the communities they live,” said Christine McMahon, Fedcap President and CEO. “We will work to break down barriers and drive a new conversation about the most effective ways to honor the service of our veterans who have needs that are not being effectively met. For the past five years, I have witnessed the tremendous leadership of the Dixon Center and could not be more excited that we are joining forces."

Organizations seek out Dixon Center to provide trusted counsel to increase their impact at the community level. Dixon Center has worked with thousands of organizations and passionate individuals who want to ensure that veterans and military families have the right resources to advance their education, employment, and wellness needs. Dixon Center’s outreach spans over 600 communities across all 50 States – providing an unmatched resource and support network for veterans and military families since 2012.

“Becoming part of Fedcap gives Dixon Center a wonderful opportunity to expand our national reach, harnessing the power of existing community-based programs to enhance the lives of veterans and military families” said Kimberly Mitchell, co-founder and President, Dixon Center. "

“Joining Fedcap is a natural extension and progression of our vision”, said retired US Army Colonel David W. Sutherland, Dixon Center co-founder and Chairman. “With Fedcap’s support, we will leverage and expand our existing private, public, and military contacts ensuring that Dixon Center evolves into a preeminent catalyst for action.”

“The needs of our veterans continue to evolve, even decades after the end of their service.” said Fedcap Board Chair Mark O’Donoghue. “We are very excited about this partnership and the short and long term impact we will have on those who served our country with honor."